Marimba Rental Cincinnati

When I started playing marimba, I was never able to practice at home. Everyone always told me that marimbas were too expensive to buy, and that rentals were not available. I gave up, and bugged my band directors for time after school to practice, always dreaming of having access to my own instruments.

When I became a freelancer, I learned how to find marimbas for sale, and at prices I could afford. I’m proud to say that I’ve built a small inventory, and am offering select instruments for rent.

Long story short, Contact Me, and we’ll get you a Marimba Rental. Free delivery, and only available in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Our Marimbas are for rental only, though we do entertain offers.


3 Octave Marimbas, Vibraphones: $50 a month

4 Octave Marimbas: $60 a month

4.3 Octave Marimbas: $80 a month

5.0 Octave Practice Marimbas, no resonators: $100 a month

5.0 Octave Marimbas: $200 a month