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New Directions

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I’ve played gigs for crowds, for empty rooms, and taught hundreds of students.

At times, I have lived for the next gig, that next break through with a student, that chance that there would be a “moment”.

I am not in that place any longer. Don’t get me wrong–I teach everyday, and am immensely fulfilled by helping improve a students abilities! I am glad, though, that my teaching has continued to shift towards students who WANT to be there, and away from students who are going through the motions.

I am also still thrilled to get a call for a gig, or to be counting off the first tune in front of a crowd–there’s little better than an appreciative audience.

However, my life has changed, and I feel like it’s time for a new season. I have intentionally cut back on pick up gigs, and on certain types of teaching.

Partly, my work at MSJ, while fulfilling, takes A LOT of time!

Partly, I have found that I would rather spend the evenings with my wife and son, than playing one more tune for drunks trying to talk louder than the band, or teach one more quarter note to a student that hasn’t practiced since last week.

Partly, there is an area of music I feel I haven’t explored enough–composition and arranging.

I’ve always enjoyed this activity, and the arranging courses I took in school changed my perception of music.

Perhaps, it’s a cyclic thing–when I first left school, I pursued private teaching headlong. When I had become established as a go to teacher, I pursued gigs in the same way, and slacked some on my hunt for new teaching opportunities. I have slowed down gigging, perhaps initially because of outside influences, perhaps because of the same, low average payout, but also because the interest began to wane.

Please, join me, as what fires my passions now, is putting notes on the page, improvising new melodies, and re-imagining the old.

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